Sunday, November 1, 2015

WTF, Cereal Companies!

This whole post has zero to do with vintage. Nada....So if you are looking for my cool finds this week, you will be disappointed. And besides, I went on a vintage shopping freeze for one week, I have too much stuff to get listed in my Etsy shops. The good news is that I have made great headway and I am finally able to see my floors. (which means I may have to vacuum...oh crap!)

I was doing my weekly grocery shopping with my son at Super Target. We kinda love cereal in my family. Like a lot. We usually have about 20 or so boxes in our pantry on a weekly basis. I am the only one who actually eats it for breakfast. The rest of the family just snacks on it. We try to keep it medium healthy, so I guess its okay. 

But perusing this weeks cereal shelf was nothing short of pee my pants amusing.

I know its all about marketing, but seriously cereal people, we are smarter than that....(right?)

 For instance:

These are both the same damn cereal. Do they expect me to believe that there was a major SNAFU at the cereal factory and it went haywire and made little cereal balls instead of the circles or they left out the yellow puff things in the captain crunch? Will someone be losing their job over this massive error? Who is to blame for this disaster in the cereal factory? Justice must be served!

Then there is this:

Same cereal. Same crap with marshmallow bits (Okay, I'll admit, kind of the best part) However, obviously, one is marketed for boys and one for girls. Kinda insulting....and the truth is, the kids don't give a shit, they just want the marshmallow bits.  Marshmallow bits are delicious, even if they have to be picked out of a homeless man's bellybutton. 

And this:

I find it hard to believe, with all the awesome, and healthier, cereals out there, that Shaq couldn't get a better endorsement offer than Fruity Pebbles. This box just seems so wrong. So very wrong. 


After they fixed the problem at the Captain Crunch factory, they panicked! "What can we do to repair our tainted image?"....after much thought in the Captain Crunch board room...."I got it! Lets make our Captain Crunch dress like Santa...and we can have christmas shaped doodads in the cereal!" I think the Limited Edition makes people know...Hey! I gotta purchase this before its too late and no longer available! (I'll let you in on a little secret: They will be at Big Lots for 79 cents a box, starting on January 1st until mid summer) 

And finally:

I asked my son if he wanted to get these Pop Tarts...He said "Mom, those are just those crappy fudge ones that no one likes, with orange thanks!"

He ain't falling for it. 

So, maybe no vintage chit chat today, but it doesn't mean you still can't check out my shops (see side bar). I have lots of new goodies listed!

Share with me some of your shopping delights. Comment with whatever randomness is in your head.


  1. Your son is right, everyone knows the best kind of Pop Tarts are Blueberry :) We don't see these versions in Canada, just the normal boring kinds of froot loops and captain crunch (one of my personal favorites). I do have a box (need to make some squares) of Christmas rice crispies that I got deeply discounted in January sitting in the cupboard.

    1. Yea, the blueberry and the cherry are the best! The fudge ones are total yuck!

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