Monday, August 5, 2013

Hello world! I finally got the blog going after pestering my husband for the past few months to help me. My computer skills are lacking, to say the least. So being the good man he is, he finally decided to put an end to my nagging and help me get this show on the road. 

The good news is that at this very moment I have zero followers, so being that this is my first attempt at blogging, all my errors will probably go unnoticed. 



So to introduce myself, My name is Tara, I am a mom to two of the coolest kids ever, and I am married to a somewhat tolerate fellow. I will tell you more details later about my ultra cool life and family in future posts (oooh I bet you can't wait). The real reason I am here is to share with you my love of vintage finds. I operate two Etsy stores, both are full of all sorts of vintage goodies. 

Last week, I discovered this gem. OMG, seriously, how was this ever supposed to be for a young child?




Seems innocent enough, right?


Okay, yea, puppet girl is kind of creepy looking...She received these lovely red shoes. They make her dance like a banshee. So much so that she isn't able to stop. She neglects her duties, including caring for her elderly grandma. So, why not  just take off those shoes, creepy puppet girl? No, this is what she does:



Yep, she cuts off her feet.


So, there you have it. A Living Story book made for CHILDREN.
If you want more details, check it out here: 


  1. Welcome to the blog world! Love the morbid storybook there, ever read all of the Brother's Grimm originals? GRIMM indeed!

    And of course, love that vintage cat you have up there :)

    1. Thanks, I have been following your blog for a while now, and you have inspired me to get started!

  2. Yep, I don't think I would have wanted this read to me as a child. It would have given me nightmares for sure!