Sunday, August 18, 2013

Our Plants Went for a Swim

My husband has always dreamed of having a fruit and vegetable garden. He has talked about it off and on for several years.  Florida is garden challenged, unless you are growing citrus fruits. There are factors such as the sandy dirt, the extreme heat, the crazy downpours, the armadillos and snakes, just to name a few obstacles. But Greg was determined. He did his research, like a good boy, he brought a primo dirt that he mixed with some other stuff, like a little chemist. He purchased a small greenhouse with shelves. He would even come home from work everyday for lunch to tend to them. (I already told him that I would not partake in any of this gardening crap. I'm busy enough, for crying out loud!) The deal was that the greenhouse would be kept inside our pool cage until summertime when we use our pool daily, then it would be moved outside the pool cage. That was the deal. Well, as those plants grew, they became heavier. And when the became heavier, the metal shelving started to buckle. And at some point on memorial day, a gust of wind combined with metal legs ready to give, crushed my husband's dreams. The whole greenhouse tipped into the pool. So not only did every single plant die, our pool was now a mud swamp. And it took about 3 weeks of intense cleaning to get it back to a swimmable quality.  
So this year he has decided to start a new hobby.  I hope it is a useful hobby, like vacuuming or cookie baking. (By "useful" I mean useful to me).
So back to gardening and planting and such. I was on the hunt this summer for a big cool looking desk for temporary usage. I have drawn up plans for a built-in desk and shelf unit, but finances mean I have to wait until next year. So I found a sweet looking black industrial desk at a thrift store. A beauty in perfect condition for only $50. They were using it to display a crap load of these incredible vintage planters, which they were going to have to find another spot for. So I got them to make a deal (since I was buying the desk). I purchased them all. They are so lovely!

The bird ones are my favorites.
Unique, fun, vintage. Don't have to be used for just plants. Candies, coins, paper clips...its all good.
Details HERE
If you think you have what it takes to start your own garden, don't forget to do your research. Its a crazy world out there, and mother nature can be one crazy bitch.
Fun vintage nature and gardening books will teach you everything you need to know with super cool retro pics for added enjoyment.
These and more available HERE
And just for the record, I will have you know that we have a chive plant that is close to 15 years old and still going strong. It has endured 3 moves and is older than my kids are. Seriously, chives? Why not raspberries, or avocados or tomatoes, or something useful and delicious? I told you Mother Nature was a bitch.
So, does anyone want to trade a bag of chives or spearmint (we have loads of that useless plant too) for some grapefruit or avocados?


  1. You know I have the pic of you from that day on my phone--- with all the dirt and plants everywhere!!
    Should I search for it and send it to you so you can edit/add it to the blog post?
    You know 'proof'???

  2. that picture can burn in hell, haha! I remember it well, me with my pants rolled up, all dirty and sweaty, crawling into 68 degree pool, trying to use my size 12 feet to lift up plant remains. It was an ugly ugly day in the Gatscher household.

  3. What a nightmare! We have wild orange trees which produce gorgeous looking oranges, but they are super sour and seedy. I've thought about doing garden boxes as our sandy soil sucks for growing edible things. I guess I finally have a reason to be glad we don't have a pool!

  4. Buy your produce and save the heartache and squashed dreams.

  5. The planters are GORGEOUS. I'm garden/plant obsessed and have done all my growing here in the oppressive humidity with the poor soil and flooding downpours...pain, I say! But I keep on trying to find the best way to make this work, being vegan is expensive and I'd love for all the food to come out of my own self-created Eden one day ;D Wish we had a pool to jump into afterwards, that's all I want to do after gardening!

  6. We are a vegetarian family as well! Not vegan, my son has a lot of life threatening food allergies, so he cannot have any nuts, beans or lentils. So we already have a lot of challenges. Gardening in Florida sucks! Thankfully we have an awesome family run local produce store just a few miles away.