Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Big Rip Off and The Big Score

Last week my family and I got to spend a week in beautiful St. Augustine. Upon unpacking I realized that I forgot to pack something. Not a big shock, in fact expected. But this was a necessity! I forgot to pack my night cream! Yes, being out in the sun all day, I really needed to get some good thick night cream on before I went to bed.
Now here is the part about how my kids are the coolest kids ever. They were begging for me to take them to the Flea Market. Yes, begging. I told you they were awesome, could I be any prouder? So off we go to the flea market, which was actually kind of a decent flea market. And lo and behold, there was a booth full of all sorts of Olay, Loreal etc. So I decided to pick up a jar of some night cream while I was there, saving myself a trip to Walgreens. First warning, the man operating the booth was drinking a Busch beer. When I told him I was paying with a credit card, (he had a square), he told me he had to charge me a dollar extra. When I told him that it was illegal to charge extra for credit cards, he tried to make it seem like it was tax. Anyhow, I was desperate for that damn jar of Olay night cream, and it was hot, so I paid and left. Got home, eagerly opened my goods and here is what I got:
Yep, Walmart Equate in the box. My husband said, "Its a flea market, what'd you expect?"
So I was feeling a little bitter, but I had to carry on, the thrift stores were calling my name. So I headed off to a place called Second Time Around Thrift. I was still feeling burned about the flea market, but this gem of a place made it all better! Some may think it was a junk pile and extremely unorganized, but these are my favorite places to go to. I like to dig and find treasures, and I find I have the best luck at places like these. I found lots of goodies, all priced to go.
These are just a few vintage books that I nabbed:
I left there with a few boxes, here were some of my favorite vintage books.
click here for details.
My 10 year old son discovered, in the piles, a true treasure. Of course, this is a gem he will be keeping for himself. Its killing me not to sell it, because I know I could get some big bucks for it. But my son is the worlds biggest Garfield fan. He owns at least 100 Garfield books, huge fan! So he found it, and he deserved to have it for himself. The joy he gets from this, it worth more than any money I could sell it for and I'm happy to hang it up in his room.

It is pretty awesome, and my son is amazing at finding cool stuff when we go shopping together.
Oh, and if you were wondering, we did spend a lot of time at the beach, at least 5 hours a day. Love it there, and if you get a chance to go, check out Second Time Thrift on Old Moultrie Rd.
So have you been tricked or scammed in your shopping adventures? Tell me about it, so I don't feel like I'm the only one.


  1. I love St. Augustine. That's where my hubby and I go to escape.
    I think my most annoying rip off was when I bought an "antique" gurgling fish pitcher on eBay. When it arrived, it was obviously not an antique, but I still fancied it. I thought maybe it was at least vintage though- until I saw an identical one in Big Lots the next week!

  2. Ouch! At least it was an item that you liked anyhow. Unfortunately, Im sure it wont be the last time I get scammed. The flea market in St. Augustine was kind of decent anyhow, and the list of thrift stores that that lady gave me, was like a treasure map. Cant wait to go back! I agree with you, its a nice escape and beautiful beaches!

  3. I was ripped off at WalMart! I bought a small can of Chalkboard Paint (that was in a box) for a craft project... got home to discover it was just cheap white paint :(

  4. I guess it happens to the best of us:-(

  5. I'm here!!!!!!!!
    haha drinking Busch beer lolzzzzz
    He's WORKING damnit!!!!

  6. And he was walking around to other customers shopping at similar shops and trying to recruit him to his shop. Class act. Low by even flea market standards!