Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mercer Mayer and More!

The thrift stores have been pretty stale this past week, I don't know why...last year after the holidays, the stores were filled with awesome finds. This year, not so much.

I did manage to come across some goodies. I have been majorly revamping my merchandise. Getting rid of things that haven't been selling, or stuff that I am just sick of looking at, sick of storing. Now that I have had the first year of Etsy under my belt, I feel much wiser. It is a constant learning process. I have made my fair share of mistakes and have been smart enough to learn from them (for the most part). Certain things just don't sell: Mugs, coffee pots, fondue pots (regardless of how funky retro they are), ashtrays (even cool mid century ones).  Books that don't sell: Golden Books, Hardy Boys, any sort of encyclopedia or reference book UNLESS you have the whole set, Choose your own adventure (vintage, original)There are lots more, too many things to list. Point is that I have trained myself to bypass these items when I see them. It was hard to do at first, but I believe that I have overcome this weakness. And the result so far is that my sales are more than doubling from last year. Even tripling. I have truly learned from my mistakes.

With that being said, I didn't walk away empty handed from hitting the thrift shops this past week. I rarely do. I found these cute little books!

Little golden guides. A whole mess of them! I have been successful with those small little golden guides in the past, and these are a bit different, they have a little quiz in the back. Because, what child doesn't love a quiz? Ha.

These fun little books are available ------>HERE!

I also came across a nice lot of these vintage Mercer Mayer books. Before Mr. Mayer was even thinking about Little Critter, he wrote and illustrated some really wacky kick ass monster books. They were some of my favorites as a child. Super creative and dark, yet not scary. He was a creative madman in the world of children's book illustrations.

Professor Wormbog and others available----->HERE!

I also found this fun set of math cards from the 60's. Back when they were trying to acclimate everyone to this crazy concept called "new math". The funny thing is that whatever math crap my kids are currently learning should be called "your parents can't help you with this math because they learned how to do it another way". Yea, I can't help my kids with the simplest of problems. I can get the answer, but I can't help them get the answer the new special way they are supposed to get the answer. I don't know why they had to change it. It was fine before. The answers all came out right. If I ever meet the person who made this change, I will kick them in the nuts. (Assuming its a man). If its a lady, I will pull her hair. Women hate that!

 Well these vintage flash cards are pretty cool and basic. Complete sets. It can help you teach your kids math in a way that they can no longer use.
Great teacher display item, the boxes are in pretty good condition and have delightful retro happy kids on them. Little do those kids know that when they grow up, they will be too confused to help their own kids with math.

Fun retro math cards available----->HERE!

I also found an awesome mod luggage set. At first I thought they were Pierre Cardin because there was a vintage leather Pierre Cardin travel tag on the handle. That would have been worth a pretty penny. Further inspection proved otherwise. I found no other evidence that these were Pierre Cardin luggage. Nothing on the zippers or lining...It doesn't matter, I would have bought them anyhow because they are just so delightful!

Meanwhile this picture is my worst picture ever. It has been raining practically every day for 2 weeks here in Tampa. I would have loved to take them outside, near the pool and palm trees (and bright sun) to get a pic, but Mother Nature decided otherwise. I wanted to get them listed ASAP, and once the rain and clouds go away, I will take them outside for a much better picture, but for now, you get the idea:

Clean as a whistle too. I am including the Pierre Cardin travel tag, that alone is worth the purchase.

They are so divine I promise you.
Traveling soon? Do it in style, available----->HERE!

Defiant jewelry with a purpose
Rebel Nell was created by two women (I love female business owners)....But listen to how kick ass cool these ladies are: they employ disadvantaged women in Detroit, educate them on business and life skills and empower them to transition to an independent life. (wow, that is just so amazing!)
Here is what they do:  They take broken graffiti pieces found on the ground and create incredible, one of a kind jewelry. I didn't even know that was possible, but it is, and it is beautiful!
I know! Who would have thunk it? Broken graffiti! Wow-za!

Rings and more! I love everything this company stands for!
They have just recently opened an Etsy store.

Check them out------>REBEL NELL

"Like" them on Facebook----->REBEL NELL FACEBOOK

Remember, its very important to support local and/or independent businesses! Especially ones who give so much back to the community.

So meanwhile, I am hoping next weeks thrifting extravaganza will reward me with a fabulous haul of vintage delights. I'll let you know. Heading out tomorrow, wish me luck! Any luck roll your way lately?
Any independent business you would like me to give a shout out to?
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