Sunday, February 2, 2014

This Week

   Just a quick blog post about some random crap. Its been a crazy busy week and I haven't been able to get out and do some shopping. My shops have both been insanely busy, which is wonderful,  but.... still wishing I had a little time this past week to squeeze in a thrift store run.

First of all, I had a guitar customized for my daughter. She is left handed, which makes some things tricky. I was able to find a sweet guitar at a music store at the flea market. The owner had it customized for a lefty and we picked it up on Saturday. It will be a birthday gift for Avery, who will be 7 in March. A guitar and lessons-she is so excited to start and I think she will love it!

Second of all, my 10 year old son just had another art show/sale at Hyde Park Market. Evan and I thought it was time for a small price increase.  Dad- Greg thought it was a bad idea, that people may not pay that much and he would lose some business. Evan and I ignored him (as usual) and the prices were increased....ended up being his best show ever! (In your face, Dad!). The price was increased because the value is increased and my son works hard and doesn't need to sell himself short!


Crappy pics because they were taken last minute with my phone. Click to enlarge.

So here is the quandary: Many people ask Evan for his website or Facebook page. Well, he is 10 and has neither. We have discussed selling some of his work on one of my Etsy shops, (yes to that!) and possibly start a Facebook page this summer. I am just not sure it is a good idea, considering his age, but I also don't want to do anything to hinder his growth and potential. Being 10 and a paid artist...such opportunity he has! I also don't want him to get overwhelmed....Many things to thing about.....

Until then, I will update his art shows/sales on my blog, because I don't know where else to do it besides giving total strangers my Facebook info.

Next show: Sunday, March 2nd Hyde Park 10-2

Look for Evan's art (coming soon)-----> HERE!

^"Coming soon", as in a month or so, when I find a place where I can purchase  glassine envelopes less than a box of 500! (I only want 50)

That's it for now folks! Its been a long day...after a long week...and the week ahead ain't looking to pretty either!

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