Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Always a sure sale!

My husband, Greg, took the week off of work, a "staycation", if you will. He always has lots of vacation time, so he usually uses one week a year to "get stuff done" around the house. He is a real handy sort of guy and he probably saves us thousands of dollars a year! Fixing water heaters, air conditioning, drywall, water damage, installing French drains...the list goes on and on. Its sad that he even has to do any of that crap considering we live in a new construction home! Anyhow, I'm just satisfied that he will kill spiders in the house.

On Mondays, my son, Evan,  takes a two-hour stop motion animation class downtown. Usually, while he is in his class, Avery and I will hit two thrift shops in that area (while I am on that side of town). On Tuesdays, my daughter takes a yoga class, also downtown. So while she is in her class, my son and I will hit a different thrift store. (Its one that all the employees and I have become friends, we have been going there weekly for 4 years.)

This week, because dad is home all week, I just took the kid who had a class and the other kid stayed home with dad. So both Monday and Tuesday, I was shopping at the usual places, the usual days and times....but without a kid. I thought I would have liked it, but I missed having them around, and even the employees were asking where my kids were! And shopping ended up being sparse and disappointing!

However I did get a big lucky score!

Recipe card boxes! Whenever I find these, I snatch these up in a millisecond! In the past, they have sold for me in just a couple of days after listing! And I found three of them!!! I was so excited! One is Great American and the other two are Better Homes and Gardens. When my son and I went out to eat after his art class, we brought one of the boxes in, plopped it on the table and pulled out cards and laughed at the recipes while we ate our food! Good times! Who needs a kids menu with mazes when you have a box of vintage recipe cards!!!

Just starting to list them -------->HERE!

Vintage Pyrex can be very good, or very bad. Depends on the collection, of course, and I also find that sets sell better than random pieces. So, I found a set, maybe not the most sought after collection, Old Orchard. But it was a set, so that always excites me. I paid more than I wanted to, however my home store is becoming sparse and I have really been trying to stock it up! I think this set won't stay around for long. It will be listed this week....

Set of three mixing bowls arriving shortly. Look for them--->HERE!

Now, I don't know what to do about this guy?


Seriously, what the hell is this guy? I saw him and I had to have him, and now that I have him, I don't know what to do with him.

I have not been able to find out any info about him. Screaming sheriff, screaming Mexican sheriff, yawning sheriff....I have searched every combination...still clueless. I haven't listed him yet, because I don't know how to describe him. I like him though, he is kinda cool to look at. I like odd things. For now, he's keeping me company on my desk.

You never know what someone is going to buy. That is one thing I have learned over the years. Remember that vintage poodle grooming book I had on last weeks blog? Remember how I said that this is one of those items that will either sell immediately or sit in my store forever? Well, guess what went out in the mail today? Yep, poodle book sold immediately. Because you never know......

Use coupon code: Randomgoods to save 10% at either of my stores. Expires 4/14
Use it at Circa Company
Vintage Book Market

Don't forget to come and check out Evan's art!  Sunday, March 2, At Hyde Park Market from 10-2!
Support young artists!

This week, I do not have an Indie business of the week, because there is another place I want to give a shout out to:



Why you ask? Yea, yea, yea, I know, Krispy Kreme is not independent or a small business. But here is why I want to show them some love:
My son has life threatening peanut and tree nut allergies (along with all legumes, peas, lentils....) There is no bakery, besides my kitchen, that my son can eat at, or grab a quick treat or whatever. Even if it doesn't contain nuts, it cannot be made on the same equipment as nut products. Krispy Kreme is completely nut-free. I remember when I first heard about that, I called them to double check. They told me that they are nut free and will always be nut free. That is a big policy with their stores. They are not ever going to have a donut added in the future with nuts. They want to always remain a nut free establishment. That is huge for this family. Even though I am not a big donut eater (I'm more of a cookie girl), the rest of my family loves them, and I want to support a business that respects my sons allergies as well as all the other nut allergic people in the world who are unable to enjoy a simple visit to a bakery.
YAY for Krispy Kreme!
Show them some Facebook love --->HERE!
By the way, last year, they had a chocolate caramel salted pretzel donut that was to die for! Hope they bring it back this year!
So, what's new at your neck of the woods? Gotta any info about the screaming sheriff that you would like to share? Like donuts? Hear any good jokes lately?  Know a juicy secret? Spill the beans and comment. 



  1. Recipe card boxes sell well for you!? D'oh. I had a good one for over a year I'd neglected to list, one day it fell, box broke, cards scattered in the wind so now it's useless ;p Good to know...

    1. Yep! I have never had one in my shop for more than a week! The older and crazier recipes, the better! You know, like all that gelatin crap!

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